Yak-1 (early), 1-200 scale decals


These decals were designed with the 1/200 scale model of the Yak-1 (early), in mind.  The sheet contains the following:  

  • 16 large stars, ~5mm tall.
  • 28 middle-sized stars, outlined are ~4.5mm tall.
  • 20 small stars,  ~3mm tall.
  • Numbers 1-9 printed in white, numbers 20-28 printed in red, numbers 40-48 printed in yellow, and some spare numbers.  The numbers are ~2.5mm tall.

These are water slide decals.  Each sheet sold separately.  The images are printed on clear decal film.  The decals must be cut out and applied separately.  They are not individual decals.

Please let me know if you need different colored numbers, stars without outlines, or other graphics.