Vickers Wellington Mk.Ia No.9 Squadron 1/200 scale decals


These decals are designed to fit 1/200 scale Vickers Wellington models*.  The sheet has markings for four models and includes spare and optional decals.  The sheet has code letters and serial numbers for 9 different aircraft.  Markings depict aircraft in No. 9 Squadron.  

The blue and red portions of the decals are bright and intended to portray insignia prior to use of the colors Identification Red (dull) and Identification Blue (dull).  Dulled colors are available on request.

These are water slide decals.

*The squadron, aircraft code, and roundel for the fuselage are larger than those of the other Wellington decal sets.  They are intended for use on early mark Wellington models such as the Mk.Ia.  The decals will cover the windows, on the fuselage, of the Armaments in Miniature Wellington model.