• Sopwith Camel No.45 Squadron


    These decals are for 1/144 scale Sopwith Camels.  The letters provided are meant to represent aircraft assigned to No.45 squadron.  There are three sheets available in this series.  Two sheets offer complete markings for six models.  Each of those has aircraft letters and serial numbers for six different aircraft.  They also include roundels, tail bands, and the barbell squadron identifier.  The third sheet does not contain roundels or tail bands but does include all 12 code letters, serial numbers, and barbells found on the other two sheets.  Limited spare decals are provided.  Each sheet is sold separately. 

    These are water slide decals.

    Measurements for the decals are:

    Large, upper roundel - 0.35" or ~9mm

    Small roundel - 0.16" or ~4mm

    Rudder colors - 0.12" x 0.24" or ~ 3mm x 6mm

    Large code letters - 0.26" or ~6.5mm tall

    Small code letters - 0.13" or ~3.25 tall 

    Barbells are 0.21" or ~5.25mm end-to-end

    Serial numbers are ~1mm x 4mm, except for the SN for H