• P-51D 352nd Fighter Group 1/200 scale decals


    These decals are designed to fit 1/200 scale models of the P-51D.  Each set includes markings for eight models and there are two sets.  One set is for the 487th Fighter Squadron, squadron code HO.  The other set is for the 328th Fighter Squadron, squadron code PE.  Included on the sheets are:

    • 20 national markings for the wings ~9.5mm x ~5mm.
    • Seven pairs of squadron codes and national markings.  There are also seven additional fuselage stars and eight squadron markings.  The fuselage stars are ~7mm x ~3.75mm.
    • Eight pairs of identification letters and serial numbers.  There are two sets of these.  Those in the second set are spares.

    These are water-slide decals.  Each sheet is sold separately.

    Please let me know if you need additional code letters for either squadron, they'd have serial numbers but not ones that are historically matched to the letters.