• P-51D 79th Fighter Squadron 20th Fighter Group 1/200 scale decals


    These decals are designed to fit 1/200 scale model of the P-51D produced by Armaments in Miniature.  Each sheet includes markings for eight models and there are two sheets.  The difference between the sheets is that they have different aircraft code letters.  A third sheet is shown in the accompanying pictures, it has graphics for anti-glare panels, wing stripes, flap markings, and fuel cap locations.  Each sheet is sold separately.  Included on the two 79th FS squadron sheets are:

    • 17 national markings for the wings ~8.25mm x ~4.45mm.
    • Nine pairs of squadron codes and national markings.  The fuselage stars are ~7.1mm x ~3.8mm.
    • Eight pairs of tail markings.  The squares are ~4.25mm on a side.
    • Eight pairs of nose markings.  At the center of the image, they are ~9.3mm from left to right.
    Included on the accessory sheet (sold separately) are:
    • Nine, black anti-glare panels ~14.1mm x ~5mm.  These will likely need close trimming around the windscreen area prior to application and touch-up painting after they are applied and dry.
    • 37 black stripes ~13mm x ~1.5mm
    • 37 black stripes ~5.5mm x ~1.5mm
    • Nine pairs of red stripes meant for the inboard portion of the upper flap surface.
    • 32 fuel cap markings.
    These decals are images printed on a sheet of decal film.  They are not individual decals.  Each image needs to be cut from the sheet.  The carrier film is clear.  On the 79th FS sheets, the only places where a very close cut will be needed are where the exhaust stacks of the model will be inside of the design.  Those areas are the bottom portion of the black and white strips and the cut out portion on the top of the larger black and white striped areas.

    The nose markings are designed to be applied in two steps.  
    1. First, cut out the bottom portion of the nose graphic and dry fit it against the model.  Make adjustments as needed so that the cut out portion of the graphic slides up under the exhaust stacks of the model.  Moisten the decal and slide it into position under the exhaust stacks.  Dab away excess water or setting solution so that the decals does not slide easily.
    2. Second, cut out the top portion of the graphic, the white and black striped strip.  Try to get a nice straight line across the bottom of this graphic.  One end of the graphic is slightly taller than the other, the taller end goes to the front.  Moisten the decal and place it above the exhaust stacks and align the black and white stripes with those of the stripes on the lower decal.
    The nose graphics may require some post application trimming, most likely just aft the spinner or on the chin by the air intake.  They may also need a bit of touch up painting depending on the fit.

    The model in the accompanying pictures is an Armaments in Miniature P-51D.  The pictures show follow the sequence above...cut out and test, apply bottom, apply top, trim, etc.

    These are water-slide decals.