P-51D 100th Fighter Squadron 332nd Fighter Group 1/200 scale decals


These decals are designed to fit 1/200 scale models of the P-51D.  Each set includes markings for eight models.  There are twenty-one aircraft ID numbers.  The number, 7, is repeated.  One pair of 7s is black the other is black with a red outline.  Also included on the sheet are yellow identification bands, fuel point markings, red stripes for the inboard, upper surface of the flaps, and small, red triangles.

Included on the sheet:

  • 17 national markings for the wings, ~8.25mm x ~4.25mm.
  • 17 national markings for the fuselages,  The combination measures ~3.8mm x ~7.1mm.
  • 21 pairs of identification numbers, ~2.75mm tall.  
  • 32 yellow bands, ~13mm x ~1.5mm.  
  • 18 red triangles, ~2mm x ~3mm.  These do not have a stand alone purpose.  Some pictures of the 332nd FG show P-51Ds with a red band between the spinner and the exhaust stacks.  A red triangle/chevron is sometimes shown below the exhaust stacks.  The modeler can apply these decals instead of having to paint those small chevrons/triangles.
  • Nine pairs of flap stripes.
  • 24 fuel point markings.

These are water-slide decals.  Each sheet is sold separately.