• P-51D, 1-600 scale decals


    This sheet provides markings for 1/600 scale P-51D miniatures.  There are markings for 20 miniatures.  The sheet includes:

    • 20 different aircraft numbers, numbers are next to US stars and set up for left and right sides of the fuselage.  The combination is ~1.5mm x 4mm.
    • 40 sets of stars and theater identification stripes intended for top-left and bottom-right surfaces of wings.  The combination is ~4.25mm tall x 5.25mm wide.
    • 40 individual theater identification stripes intended for top-right and bottom-left surfaces of wings.
    • 20 anti-glare panels. These are ~1.25mm x 4.25mm.
    The accompanying picture shows a pre-production version of the decal set applied to some Oddzial Osmy miniatures.  Differences between the graphics in the picture and those on this sheet are:

    • The sheet's anti-glare panels are black, those in the picture are green.
    • Fuselage numbers on the sheet are slightly smaller than those in the picture.

    These are water-slide decals.  The graphics must be cut from the sheet, they are not individual decals.