• P-40N, 80th Fighter Group, Burma Banshees


    These decals are designed to fit the 1/200 scale model of the P-40N available through Armaments in Miniature.  The decals provide markings for P-40Ns assigned to the 80th Fighter Group, the Burma Banshees.  There are currently two sheets of decals available for this unit.  Each sheet provides decals to finish four models with individual markings.  Each sheet is sold separately.

    Sheet 1A contains markings for aircraft in the 89th Fighter Squadron, including #55 Miss Frances III.

    Sheet 1B contains markings for aircraft in the 88th Fighter Squadron, including Flung Dung.  The references I have do not show an aircraft number for Flung Dung.  I have included four different aircraft numbers in the squadron as an option. 

    Recommendation:  When applying the skull decals, apply the lower part of the skull first.  Once it's set in place, then add the top part of the skull.  There is an accompanying picture to the left that shows all decals in place as well as one picture that shows the lower skull in place.  There are a few spare decals on each sheet. 

    These are water-slide decals.

    If you would like to see additional aircraft markings from the 80th FG, please let me know.