• P-40E & P-43 Nationalist Chinese Government WW2 - 1/200 scale decals


    These decals are designed to fit 1/200 scale models of the P-40E and P-43.  The sheet includes markings for both.  There are two versions of the sheet, the difference between the sheets is the shape of the rudder stripes.   Sheet -1a is designed for use on the 1/200 P-43 available from Armaments in Miniature.  The other is designed to fit the 1/200 P-43 available from AE Models shop, at Shapeways.

    Markings for the P-40E include:

    • 17 wing roundels ~5mm in diameter.
    • 10 fuselage roundels ~4.75mm in diameter.
    • Two types of numerical identification markings.  Choose from either four-digit fuselage numbers or two-digit fuselage numbers and three-digit tail numbers. 
    • Five sets of rudder stripes.* 

    Markings for the P-43 include:

    • Twenty wing roundels, ~5mm in diameter.
    • Ten fuselage roundels, ~4.5mm in diameter.

    • Six sets of rudder stripes.*
    • Choice of three types of identification markings, five of each type.  Choices include hastily written two-digit tail numbers, three-digit fuselage numbers, and four-digit fuselage numbers.
    Note that not all of the markings are meant to be used.  Reference pictures available on the internet show some planes with rudder stripes and some without, some show fuselage roundels and some don't, and some show four wing roundels being used while others show them only on the top-left and bottom-right of the wings.

    *Recommendation:  Test fit the rudder stripe decal against the vertical stabilizer before moistening the decal.  It's likely that a small wedge will have to be cut into the rudder stripes so that the transfer will fit around the point where the horizontal stabilizer and vertical stabilizer meet.

    These are water-slide decals.  Each sheet is sold separately.