• P-40B/C 3 sqn American Volunteer Group 1-200 decals


    These decals are designed to fit the 1/200 scale model of the P-40 B/C available from Armaments in Miniature.  Each sheet contains enough national markings to complete six 1/200 scale models.  There are at least 16 pairs of aircraft numbers on each sheet, three slightly different versions of the shark mouth, and a few spare decals.

    There are two sheets available in the series.  The second second sheet, identifiable by the British roundels, includes the flying tiger emblem, two additional Hell's Angels, additional aircraft numbers, and unique markings for aircraft #74 and #75.  The British roundels are for the upper wing surfaces on #75.  The circled 74 and 75 go below the cockpit on aircraft 74 and 75.

    These are water-slide decals.