P-38D/E Lightning 54th and 39th Fighter Squadrons 1/200 scale decals


These decals are designed to fit the 1/200 scale models of the P-38D/E available through Armaments in Miniature.  The sheet has markings for six models and includes some spares and options.  The sheet includes code letters for two units.  The yellow* markings are meant to represent aircraft in the 54th fighter squadron(FS) while the white** are meant for the 39th FS.  There are 12 sets of yellow markings and seven sets of white markings.

*Recommend the large yellow numbers go on the nose of the model with the yellow serial numbers facing outward on the vertical stabilizers.

**Recommend white numbers be placed on each side of the nose and facing outward on the vertical stabilizers.

These are water slide decals.