Luftwaffe crosses, early war Bf-109, Bf-110, and Ju-87s 1 600 decals


This sheet contains early WW2 Luftwaffe crosses in the sizes listed below.  Note that in addition to the different sizes of the crosses, some of the crosses are for the upper wing surfaces while the others are meant for the fuselage sides and undersides of the wings.

These are water-slide decals.  Images must be cut out and applied separately.

For the Bf-109:  1.25mm actual / 30” scale crosses, 36 sets.

For the Bf-110:  top of wing - 1.75mm/42", fuselage - 1.25mm/30", bottom of wing - 2mm crosses/48", 18 sets.

For Ju-87:  top of wing - 1.5mm/36”, fuselage 1.25mm/30”, bottom of wing - 2mm/48”, 20 sets