• Ilyushin DB-3 and IL-4 1/200 scale decals


    These decals are designed to fit 1/200 scale models of the Ilyushin DB-3 and IL-4.  The sheet has decals for several models.  There are three sizes of stars on the sheets.

    Two different sheets are available, the differences being that one sheet has stars and numbers that are not outlined while the other sheet has stars and numbers that are outlined.  The model in the accompanying picture has the outlined stars and numbers.  The sheets are sold separately.

    Dimensions of the graphics are:

    Small stars - ~0.16"/4mm tall

    Medium stars - ~0.2"/5mm tall

    Large stars - ~0.22"/5.5mm tall

    Numbers - ~0.17"/4.25mm tall

    These are water-slide decals.  

    If different colored numbers are needed, please send me a note when ordering.