Hurricane I 242 squadron RCAF 1/200 scale decals


The decals on this sheet are designed to fit the 1/200 scale Hurricane I model available through Armaments in Miniature.  There are enough markings for seven models.  The sheet contains the following:

  • 15 roundels for the topside of the wing and 14 for the underside.  Those for the top are ~6.6mm in diameter while those for the underside are ~6.3mm in diameter.
  • 15 roundels for the fuselage, these are ~4.6mm in diameter.
  • Seven pairs of the squadron code LE and two of each letter for aircraft identification.  The letters are ~3.8mm tall.
  • 15 tail flashes measuring ~3.1mm tall by ~2.8mm wide.
  • Eight pairs of squadron markings, three squadron commander pennants, and two pairs of fuselage art for aircraft LE-A, flown by FO W L McKnight.

These are water slide decals.  The graphics are printed on a clear sheet of decal film.  The backing paper is blue to aid identification of white decal images.  The images must be cut from the decal sheet as they are not individual decals.