Hawk 75 and P-66 Nationalist Chinese Government WW2 - 1/200 scale decals


These decals are designed to fit 1/200 scale models of the Curtiss Hawk 75 and Vultee P-66.  The sheet includes markings for both.  

Markings for the Hawk 75 include:

  • 16 wing roundels ~6mm in diameter.
  • Eight fuselage roundels ~4.75mm in diameter.
  • Three styles of aircraft numbers, 2510-2517, 1-13, and 71-78.  
  • Four sets of rudder stripes.*  

Markings for the P-66 include:

  • 23 roundels, ~4.75mm in diameter.
  • Three sets of rudder stripes.
  • 12 aircraft numbers, 261-272.
*Recommendation:  Test fit the rudder stripe decal against the vertical stabilizer before moistening the decal.  It's likely that a small wedge will have to be cut into the rudder stripes so that the transfer will fit around the point where the horizontal stabilizer and vertical stabilizer meet.

These are water-slide decals.  Each sheet is sold separately.