• F-86 Sabre, 39th FIS, 51st FIW Korea 1/200 scale decals


    These decal sheets are designed to fit the 1/200 scale F-86 Sabre model available through Armaments in Miniature.  The decals in this series provide markings for F-86s assigned to the United States Air Force's 39th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing, during the Korean War.  There are three decal sheets available, each is sold separately.   The sheets are described below:

    Sheets A and B each contain individual aircraft markings for seven models.  Markings include tail markings and serial numbers, fuselage numbers and national markings, USAF and national markings for the wings, and some personalized aircraft markings.

    • Sheet A includes markings for:  The Huff #897, Mitch's Squitch #950, Jean's Joy #905, Barcus Carcuss #951, Beautious Butch #971, and two unnamed aircraft.  Alternate spelling of Beauteous Butch is also included.
    • Sheet B includes markings for:  Mike's Bird #641, Darling Dottie #852,  The Paper Tiger #958, Mig Mad Mavis #940, Beautious Butch II #910, and two unnamed aircraft.  Alternate spelling of Beauteous Butch II is also included.

    The third sheet, AC1, contains yellow and black bands for the wings and fuselage.  There are eight sets of bands for the wings and fuselage and some spare markings.

    These are water slide decals.  The graphics are printed on a clear sheet of decal film.  The backing paper is blue to aid identification of white decal images.  The images must be cut from the decal sheet as they are not individual decals.