BF-109F/G 9/JG.52 1/200 scale decals


These decals are designed to fit the 1/200 scale BF-109F and G models available through Armaments in Miniature, LLC.  The sheet contains the following:

14 upper wing crosses ~4.6mm across.

28 lower wing and fuselage crosses ~4.6mm across.

Numbers 1 through 14, yellow with a black outline, ~4.1mm tall.

20 III gruppe identifiers, 14 of these are yellow with black outlines.  Six of these are black with white outlines.

Various Jagdgeschwader and gruppe staff symbols.

JG.52 insignia (two sizes), III gruppe insignia, and 9 Staffel, Karaya, insignia.

Historical and alternate tail markings.  The alternate marking is a hollow square, black with white outlines.

These are water slide decals.