• B-17 C/D Pacific 1941-42


    These decals are designed to fit Armaments in Miniature's 1/200 scale model of the B-17C/D.  These decal sheets contain markings for B-17 C/Ds operating from and around the Philippine Islands, Australia, and the Dutch East Indies during the first year of WW2.  Each sheet contains markings for three different aircraft.  The sheets are designed to support two paint schemes on the B-17s; green over gray and bare metal.  The sheets intended for the green over gray paint scheme contain fuselage markings while those for the aluminum paint scheme contain rudder stripes and an anti-glare panel.

    If you want a greater selection of aircraft identification numbers, please let me know.  I can create additional sets in a matter of days.

    These are water-slide decals.