Airco DH.2 No.24 Squadron


These decals are for 1/144 scale Airco DH.2s.  The serial numbers provided are meant to represent aircraft assigned to No.24 squadron.  The sheet is intended to provide roundels and tail colors for four models.  Spare decals are provided.  If the spares are not needed, a fifth model could be completed.  Serial numbers for 16 aircraft are provide on the sheet.  Buying two sheets would allow marking of between eight and 10 models with different serial numbers, and so on.

These are water slide decals.

Measurements for the decals are:

Large roundel - 0.34" or ~8.75mm
Small roundel - 0.11" or ~2.75mm
Rudder colors - 0.35" x 0.28" or ~ 9mm x 7mm