British 159th Infantry Brigade 11th Armoured Div Universal Carrier and troop decals 1/56 28mm


This sheet of decals responds to a customer request for decals to apply to 1/56 scale Universal Carriers and infantrymen.  

  • The division insignia, bull, is ~4.6mm wide by ~3.5mm tall.
  • The bridge weight marking is ~3mm in diameter.
  • The arm of service markings are ~3.5mm square.
  • The stars are ~9.5mm across,
  • The rank chevrons are just under 2mm across.
  • The shoulder patches are ~2mm wide by ~2.6mm tall.

These are water-slide decals.  Each sheet is sold separately.  The decal images are printed on clear decal film.  The backing paper is blue which makes it easier to find white images.  The images must be cut out and applied separately.