• World War 1, German, Five-color, Lozenge Pattern Camouflage decals


    There are three sheets of five-color, lozenge pattern, camouflage decals available.  Two of the sheets are meant for 1/285 and 1/300 scale miniatures.  One of these is intended for the top wing while the other is intended for the lower wing.  The third sheet is meant for 1/600 scale miniatures and it includes decals for the top and lower wings.  

    • The 1/285 - 1/300 scale sheets have four printed areas that measure 98mm by 10mm.  The fifth printed area is 66mm by 10mm.  Cut the decals to the desired length, apply, and then trim off excess.
    • The 1/600 scale sheet has four printed areas for the top and lower wings that measure 89mm by 5mm.  There is another printed area for the top wing that measures 98mm by 5mm.  As with the larger scale decals, cut the images to the desired length, apply them, and trim them as needed.
    • The images are printed on clear decal film.

    These are water slide decals.  Each sheet sold separately.  The decals must be cut out and applied separately.  They are not individual decals.